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Everyday people make a bad decision when confronted with flood damage.  Instead of calling a licensed and certified water extraction company, they roll up their sleeves and get to work.  Sometimes they’ll rent some fans, sometimes they just open up the windows and turn on their wet vac.  And almost always, a couple of weeks later they call us once it’s clear they didn’t get out all of the moisture.

If proper water mitigation were as simple as ‘See water, remove water’ then we wouldn’t get so many distress calls from people that tried the cleanup process only to find their hardwood floors buckling, the walls warping, or the ceiling falling or bubbling.  The challenging part for any water removal job is finding the hidden moisture that you can’t see with your own eyes.

On the left, you can see what looks like a perfectly dry wall.  On the right, you can peer ‘into’ the wall and see what’s actually going on.  It has suffered water damage, and if left untreated, is susceptible to black mold and permanent damage.

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I just had my carpets cleaned by CT Solutions. Their customer service was excellent. My carpet has not been this clean in years, and it only took 2 hours to dry. I highly recommend this company for your carpet cleaning needs.

– Shannon A.

Why is CT Solutions the Best 24-Hour Emergency Water Restoration Company in Littleton, Colorado?

At CT Solutions, we provide fast and reliable emergency water removal services designed to get your property clean and dry quickly!  We service both residential and commercial customers and pride ourselves on handling any and all water removal and water cleanup projects, no matter how big or small!  Whether from heavy rains or from a malfunctioning appliance, our water removal companies have seen it all and have the equipment and skills necessary to get your property dried out quickly!

So if you’re dealing with standing water, you’re dealing with an emergency that requires immediate water removal services.  Don’t wait to act!  Call us now for 24/7 emergency service.  We’ll dispatch a water removal crew immediately that will show up fully prepared to tackle your basement flood or any other flood issue you are dealing with.

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