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CT Solutions is your best choice for thorough, reliable carpet cleaning. We love making our customers smile with the end result, but often, we find that they are clueless but curious about how the process really works. You can truly appreciate your residential or commercial carpet cleaning, you need to understand the entire cleaning method. CT Solutions wants to help by breaking down the method we use to professionally clean carpet.

Why Steam Cleaning in Littleton, Colorado?

The term “steam cleaning” is sometimes used to describe hot water extraction, but it isn’t accurate. The machines we use do produce steam, but the steam doesn’t do the work. It’s the hot water that is pushed deep into the carpet fibers that actually releases the dirt from the fibers. First, we work industrial-strength cleaning products into the carpet, then we use truck-mounted machines to powerfully push water into the carpet and then suck it back out.

The trick to successful hot water extraction is getting all the water out of the carpet. Otherwise, mold and dirt will quickly find a home in your carpet. When you use Littleton Carpet Cleaning, you won’t have to worry about these things becoming problems in the future thanks to out powerful extraction tools.

A high-powered vacuum does the heavy lifting for us. When it rotates, it loosens up anything that may be clinging to your carpet fibers, and it suctions the hot water and unwanted particles out of the carpet.

There’s a good reason practically every carpet cleaning company in the business today uses hot water extraction because it’s the best way to remove dirt, allergens, and pet dander from the deepest parts of your carpet. There are other cleaning methods, such as dry carpet cleaning, and there is a time and place for all types of carpet cleaning procedures. However, if you’re looking for the most reliable, most used method, it’s definitely hot water extraction.

Littleton Carpet Cleaning uses hot water extraction for all types of carpet cleaning. We can pretreat stains and get rid of them with this technique. From pet stains to the classic red wine stain, hot water extraction has the potential to remove virtually any type of stain, no matter how old it is.

Hot water extraction can be done as often as you like. Littleton Carpet Cleaners will do an evaluation of your carpet and get some information from you before we make a specific recommendation about how often your carpets should be cleaned, but as a general rule, we recommend that you have hot water extraction done about once a year. If you have low-traffic areas, they may not need as much attention, while high-traffic areas need more often cleanings.

The more often you have hot water extraction done, the easier it will be to keep certain issues from developing. The cleaner you keep your carpet, the less likely you are to deal with major problems. Spills, pests, mold, and signs of age won’t have a chance to damage your carpet if you maintain a regular carpet cleaning routine with Littleton Carpet Cleaning.

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