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Carpet Cleaning Services You Can Expect from the Pros.

When a professional carpet cleaning company comes to your home, there are certain things you should expect. Every company does things a little different, but all in all, you should get thorough service and be completely satisfied with the service when the cleaning crew leaves. If you’ve had anything less than this experience, you need to call CT Solutions! We can offer all the service you want when you have your carpets professionally cleaned. CT Solutions doesn’t skip steps when it comes to cleaning our customers’ carpets. In fact, we do the exact opposite! Every step of the carpet cleaning process is important, so leaving out a certain step to save money or time ends up hurting both us and our clients in the long run.

Here are the steps you can expect to see your Littleton Carpet Cleaning pros taking when you choose us for your residential or commercial carpet cleaning:

(1)  Inspection: Our technician will fully inspect your carpet to note areas that have more stains or foot traffic. We’ll know which areas need a standard cleaning and which ones need special attention. He or she will be able to give you an estimate of the cost and advice about areas that may be permanently stained despite the use of our industrial products and equipment.

(2)  Vacuuming: When the inspection is finished and you are confident with the estimate you have in hand, our techs will thoroughly vacuum the carpet. Even if you vacuum every day, there will still be particles that remain in the carpet. Our machines can get rid of dirt, allergens, and other loose particles so that the heat extraction equipment can do its job.

(3)  Pre-treating and Spot Removal: Littleton Carpet Cleaning pros use a special pre-treat for your carpet, especially in high-traffic areas and spots that we think need a little something extra. This spray goes on hot and is allowed to soak into the carpet fibers before we begin the hot water extraction.

(4)  Extracting: This is the step that people actually think of when they hear “carpet cleaning.” Once all the particles in the carpet have been loosened, we use our truck-mounted equipment to send hot water through the carpet fibers. The extraction stage also includes rinsing the carpet to remove every bit of the soap residue which can actually attract dirt in the future. Leaving your carpet residue free!

(5)  Post-inspection: When we’re finished with your carpet cleaning, our team will do another walk through to ensure that we have professionally cleaned every inch of the carpet. If we notice anything that doesn’t look up to par with our standards, we’ll start over at step one!

Professional companies may have different names for these steps, but for your benefit, they should actually do all of them! When you see that the other guys just aren’t willing to go the extra mile for you, call CT Solutions and let us handle the job, every step of the way!

Our Specialties

Pet Stains

We love our furry pals, but let’s be honest…they can be messy. When the time comes for a deep cleaning, we will be ready to sanitize your carpets to perfection.

Upholstery Cleaning

You trust us to clean your carpets, why not breath new life into your furniture as well? Get rid of odors and stains plaguing your home with just one call.

Spills/Stain Removal

Let’s be honest, even the best of us spill a beverage now and then. From coffee, wine, and any other liquid stain, it will be our little secret.

Tile & Grout

Even the most beautiful tile can appear dingy if it is surrounded by dirty or stained grout. Because grout is porous, it is highly absorbent and can easily become stained.

Area Rugs

When it comes to area rugs, don’t settle for anything less than a professional rug cleaning. Sure, it may be tempting to tackle the problem yourself, but that plan could backfire.

Office Cleaning

CT Solutions applies cutting-edge industry techniques to commercial carpet. Don’t trust your carpet’s appearance to anyone besides trained professionals! 

True Professionals

Having your home’s carpets professionally cleaned makes sense. Your family comes into contact with your floors every day, so you want those surfaces to be as clean as possible. Professionally cleaning your residential carpet will not only make it look good, but it will create a soft, inviting place for you and your loved ones to hang out.

We take care of your carpet!

As a professional carpet cleaning company, CT Solutions has been in business for years, so we speak from experience and first-hand knowledge when we say, ͞Take care of your carpet, and it will take care of you!

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